Can you still call 911 with a cell phone that is out of minutes?

Answer yesit is illegal for cell companies to block emergency dialing. imagine all of the lawsuits they would get if they cut off someone emergency dial just because they were out of minutes!!!

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Can you text a friend on his cell phone if you don't have any minutes on a cell phone?

Cell phone carriers separate text messaging from phone calls in mobile plans, and text messaging is counted only as part of your text package. You can still use your text plan to message a friend w... Read More »

How do you get rid of ESPN on my dam cell phone I keep getting messages every few minutes im sick of these messages please help me to find a way to stop them on my cell phone?

How 2 block a private call/unknown call from my T-mobile cell phone?

1) confront the person.2) ignore the calls and they'll eventually get bored and stop.3) call your phone company and find out if they can reject unknown callers.

How to Not Waste Minutes on a Cell Phone?

Face it...we all have these things! We all spend too much money on them! There are some ways to stop wasting money you can use for something else!