Can you still be pregnant if you have unprotected sex 5 days before your period?

Answer It would be very unlikely. certainly not under normal circumstances.

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You had unprotected sex 3-4 days before you got your period can you still be pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex 11 days before your period was due and now your breasts have been sore for the past four days could it just be menstrual signs or is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. You can get pregnant 14 days before and after your period. So it is possible to be pregant 4 days before your period.

You had unprotected sex 4 times 2 days before your period got your period and it stopped after 3 days can you be pregnant?

No, you wont because the periods are there to prepare the uterus for the reception of fertilized ovum. the start as a result of the breakdown of the previous ovum which was not fertilized. after ov... Read More »

Sex 2 days before your period can you still get pregnant and have that period?