Can you still be pregnant if you go to the restroom right after having sex?

Answer Going to the restroom does nothing to stop pregnancy after having sex, you are still pregnant

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I ate a bran muffin right after having sex, could I be pregnant?

If you get the farts later, that would be a definitive YES.

If i urinate right after my boyfriend ejeculates in me could i still get pregnant?

Yes it is still possible to get pregnant. It only takes seconds for sperm to get into the cervix if it is "deposited" into the vagina. It takes longer than that to even GET to the bathroom to uri... Read More »

Will the periods be on month apart and you STILL be preGNANT AFTER HAVING 3 MTHS OF PERIOD?

Could you be pregnant after having sex 5 weeks after having a baby but 2 days before period?

Yes you can. My husband and his brother are 11 months apart. I am not really sure what you mean by 2 days before your period but if you started bleeding 2 days after having sex it may not be a peri... Read More »