Can you smoke in the house of commons?

Answer It is not advised that you light up while visiting the House of Commons. Smoking was banned in the House of Commons--which had been exempt from many similar laws in the United Kingdom because of it... Read More »

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How many seats does the Labour Party have in the House of Commons?

Following the May 2010 general election in the United Kingdom, the Labour Party holds 258 seats, which represents 29 percent of the seats available.The result saw a change of overall leadership in ... Read More »

Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?

It does it just to tick you off! It probably likes to do it the most around 3AM. Am I right? All joking aside...The most common cause of nuisance alarms on home smoke detectors is dust. I would... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Smoke Odor in the House?

Smoke odor, whether it's from cigarettes, cigars, cooking or fire, can have a huge effect on your walls, furniture, flooring and most everything in your house. Nicotine, which is a chemical found i... Read More »

How do I get the smoke smell out of my house?

Odors from Clothes, Furniture, Rooms, and Rugs:As far as an immediate fix I suggest mixing 1 part Vodka (if you can get your dad or step-mom to help) to 5 parts of your regular perfume, in a small ... Read More »