Can you smoke cigs near time square?

Answer Not sure about NYC, but most places I've been where all the establishments are non smoking will have mandates on the distance from the door ways. Like say 10, 20, or more feet from the entry way ar... Read More »

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I smoke 60 cigs a day will i be ok?

What should i name a smoke shop and E-cigs?

You want something that will appeal to smokers of all ages so "Chill Smoke" would almost preclude your attractiveness to older people. Perhaps:Smoke StopSmoke DepotSmoker's Stop Smoker's DepotSmok... Read More »

Which is better to smoke cigars or cigs?

Cigars are better to smoke. Cigars are made with all natural tobacco, where cigarettes are processed, and tons of chemicals are added to the mix. But if you want the best form of smoking I say ta... Read More »

Which 1 is worst smoke cigs or drinking beer?

Smoking, but if you drink too much beer than that's worse.I think it's best not to do either, or at least only drink sometimes.But smoking is a no-no if you want good health.