Can you smoke certain "kitchen herbs" as drug alternatives?

Answer I think what you are talking about is salvia:…There is also khat...but it is illegal for people to import it, so hard to find. Read More »

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Can you recieve another chemotherapy drug if a person has a reaction to a certain chemo drug?

I saw someone have an extreme adverse reaction to a chemo. It was dealt with quickly and the treatment continued.

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Animals have commonly been used to test both the effectiveness and safety of human drugs. Animal testing is a controversial issue. One of the arguments against the use of animals in drug testing ... Read More »

Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug Offenders?

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Kitchen Window Herbs?

Growing herbs in a kitchen windowsill or window box is a great way to have fresh herbs for cooking. Just by opening a window, fresh flavor is a moment away. Kitchen window herbs are a nice way to g... Read More »