Can you sleep with tampons?

Answer I always use a tampon and a pad when i go to long as u take it out before 8 hours is up and if you don't.......don;t freak out..........the chances of getting toxic shock syndrome is ver... Read More »

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My dad won't let me use tampons!?

You are 21, put on your big girl pants and buy yourself some tampons and wear them.Try tampax pearl lites first.And you pee out of your pee hole, your blood comes out of your vagina.(I hope this qu... Read More »

How to Get Your Mom to Let You Use Tampons?

So you've been getting your period for a while, or have just gotten it and think that pads are the most uncomfortable things in the world. You'll probably prefer using tampons. The only thing is-wi... Read More »

How to Ask Your Mum to Buy You Tampons?

So, you started your period. Maybe you told your mom, maybe you are too embarrassed. You've probably asked your mom to get you pads before, and are unsure or too embarrassed to ask her to get you t... Read More »

Are tampons bad?

yes they're really bad!! tht's why they sell them everywhere to everyone.. No..., dont worry sweetheart they are perfectly fine. you just cant leave them in for longer thn like 8 hours but I think ... Read More »