Can you sleep in spurts?

Answer Yes, there are many effective ways to get the sleep you need. I have heard of computer programmers and such who work around the clock following a system of sleeping 20-30 minutes at a time at regul... Read More »

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How many growth spurts do girls have?

I don't care WHAT people say. They say you stop growing around in higschool, but us girls actually stop growing when were 19-20. I know it seems far-fetched, but if you would like to grow, I have a... Read More »

Why can't I sleep I am on medication to help me sleep but just can't seem to sleep. I am scheduled to have?

Gosh another surgery Fish? You just have some anxiety about it. Understandable, but everything will be fine. here are some ways to help make sleep come a bit easier. I have to take Melatonin at nig... Read More »

I can't sleep because the withdraws of Percecet, I can't sleep, how can I sleep better?

Learn relaxing techniques, deep breathing, stretching, laying flat on your back in bed and listening to each breath and feeling your heartbeat and blood flowing through your body. Concentrate on y... Read More »

I've been sleep walking and sleep talking recently to my mum but when i wake up i dont remember anything?

I used to sleep talk and walk alot, and when my family tell me what I talked about, I can remeber what I was dreeming about. You talk during a dream so it would be related to that. But people more ... Read More »