Can you sign up for two disability insurance policies at the same time?

Answer You can, however check the policy provisions to make sure that one does not off set the other should you go out on claim.For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disa... Read More »

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Can you collect private disability insurance and Workmans comp at the same time?

As a former NYS Lic. Insurance agent in Accident & Health, from my understanding if is a disability policy which has been paid for after tax dollars without any employer contribution and is conside... Read More »

Can I collect social security benefits& disability insurance at the same time?

Disability benefits from private insurance do not impact Social Security payments. Disability benefits from Workers' Compensation, employers or state or government sources may result in lowered Soc... Read More »

Can you collect disability insurance and unemployment benefits at the same time in New Jersey?

Travel Shield guards you from unexpected incidents such as baggage delay, loss of baggage, flight delays, medical expenses and loss of travel documents, all under one convenient package, at an affo... Read More »

Can you collect California state disability and Social Security Disability at the same time?

You should be able to. If you are working past retirement age and paying in to state disability you should be able to collect up to 12 months. State disability is different then federal social secu... Read More »