Can you sign legal documents in red ink?

Answer Red ink is legally binding; in fact, you could sign legal documents with crayons and it would be considered legal. Banks don't like red ink because it is often difficult to read, but it is still le... Read More »

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Who can sign legal documents?

A legal document can be signed by anyone who is of "sound mind and body" (mentally competent) and who has reached the age of majority in the state where the document is being signed. For most state... Read More »

What color ink is used to sign legal documents?

Unless otherwise specified, sign legal documents in blue ink. The color of the blue ink produces a lighter contrast on black and white copies, which makes it easier to determine a copy from an orig... Read More »

Are documents legal to sign on a Sunday in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts notaries public are governed by Executive Order No. 455, which addresses the signing of legal documents. Signing on Sundays is not on the list of prohibitions in Section 6, and Massa... Read More »

Can my spouse sign as a witness on legal documents?

In some instances, a spouse may witness legal documents; it varies by state law and legal document involved. For instance, a last will and testament may never be signed by a spouse if the spouse is... Read More »