Can you shuffle a Zune playlist?

Answer Zune can hardly be called a competitor to the iPod, but the Microsoft mobile media device has a loyal following. Zune boasts a superior set of features for the money and the newest Zune HD includes... Read More »

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How do you shuffle music in a playlist on the iPad 2?

Yes, any type of headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

How do I add a playlist to a Zune?

Open the Zune software and connect your Zune player as usual. Allow the Zune player to sync to your computer and to update before continuing.Click the "New Playlist" button to create a new playlist... Read More »

How Can I Transfer My Zune Playlist to My iPhone?

Zunes are personal music players made by Microsoft. The players support several different types of music files, including .wmv, .wma., mp4. and .mp3. iPhones, made by Apple, support mp3 files. Tran... Read More »

How many songs will a zune playlist hold?

A Zune playlist can hold up to 2,000 songs. If your playlist has more than 2,000 songs, you will not have the ability to sync the playlist onto a Zune MP3 player. Zune playlists can only contain so... Read More »