Can you show me a verse in the Bible that says eat only veggies?

Answer lol no there isntedit: you're welcome :)

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Your doctor says that you are only 36 weeks but the ultrasound says the baby already weighs 8lbs7oz your other kids were all pretty small is this normal or could they be off on your due date he also s?

Answer 36 weeks is 9 months, you are full term. due date could be off by a little but i think you are about ready to go.

I want to buy a phone and it says "new line only" what does that mean?

The price of the phone is conditional on new activation and service, probably for two years. You can't get the phone to replace the service on your existing phone, you have to add a new line.You c... Read More »

If a bottle of Sun-Tan Lotion says, "External Use only," what does that mean?

it means drinking it won't protect you from a sunburn, its a common sense thing to most people but some idiot probabally sued the company because they tried it, like the "dont use in the shower tag... Read More »

How to Do Verse Study in the Bible?

The Bible offers guidance and lessons for Christians. By studying the Bible, you can use what it teaches in your daily life to strengthen your faith. Studying the Bible in small sections allows you... Read More »