Can you share a scanner over a network in XP pro?

Answer I'm not sure if you can. But even if you can, it wouldn't make sense for you to do that because you still need to physically go to the scanner to put whatever you want to scan in it. It makes no se... Read More »

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How can i share my printer and scanner with my 2 roommates?

same OS on the computers. just set up a home network. make sure printer sharing is on.You may have to install the software on all computers go to the printers homepage they can tell you better th... Read More »

How to Share a Disk Across a Network?

How to insert a disc into the drive of one computer, and access it on another.

How to Share a Printer on a Network?

Don’t think of buying separate printers for separate computer setups. System network support can enable you to share a printer with multiple machines so that all of them can print to it.

How to Share a Fax Modem on a Network?

To send and receive faxes on a computer, it must have access to a fax modem. The modem can either be connected directly to the computer or connected to another computer on a network. To connect to ... Read More »