Can you share a credit card with a non family member?

Answer On One Hand: Joint Credit Card can be SharedA joint credit card can be shared between any two people who agree on how to handle their finances, according to MSN Money. Both people are responsible f... Read More »

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What is the average credit card debt per family?

According to, the average household credit card debt is $16,007. Nearly 177 million people have credit cards and the average person has more than three cards. The total amount of re... Read More »

TH Family: If you could meet only one member of TH, who would that member be?

Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill , i've never been so sure in my life, (:hahahaEDIT:awww all you guys under me STOP IT, you never know. stop bringing yourself down !! maybe one day when you least... Read More »

Is it normal if your boyfriend doesn't want to talk to you if a family member dies in his family?

Yes, it is quite common for an individual to not want to talk to their mate when someone they love has died. It is a form of grief so have patience and realize that he is not only trying to come to... Read More »

Can a family member who is staying with you temporarily drive your family car occasionally?

Answer If they are a licensed driver that should be OK. It's best to give them a signed note to carry in the car, saying they have your permission.