Can you set up your ipad2 without connecting it to computer?

Answer If you have a 3G contract for your iPad then you will generally be able to access the internet from any location (providing you are in range) If you only have a WiFi compatible iPad (i.e. you don'... Read More »

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Connecting the computer to T.V.?

When you are using VGA, you need to connect audio from the sound card's speaker out tothe audio in on the TV. Depending on the TV you may need a patch cord that has the 3.5 mm size and 3 lines a... Read More »

Help with computer connecting to wifi (WEP or WPA)?

it means your router is using WPA2, you'll need a new NIC or change your routers settings.

My Reformatted Computer Is Not Connecting to DSL?

Formatting a computer is an ideal method for removing corrupt files, viruses and installing a new operating system. Following a format however, PC users can have difficulties finding and reinstalli... Read More »

Computer not connecting wirelessly?

First ,you should check your LAN connector or change this connector..Normally wireless connection can create problem due to errors in cable connection,misplaced passwords or a modem requiring reset... Read More »