Can you set up wireless printer if usb ports are broken ?

Answer Maybe, but it depends on the make & model of printer, which you didn't mention, as to if it can or not. Many printers require a USB connection to a computer initially to set it up for wireless comm... Read More »

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How to Open Ports on a Linksys Wireless G Router?

Ports are the gateways through which other computers or servers communicate with your computer. If the expected port is closed, then communication is disallowed. Some programs, such as games or pee... Read More »

How to Set Up a Belkin Wireless G Router for Multiple Access Ports?

Your Belkin router comes with many of its ports closed by default. This is done as a security precaution to protect your computer from cybercriminals who might otherwise gain access to your network... Read More »

Returned a broken printer. Does that printer retain my 'pending' prints?

You're OK. Your "pending Prints" are retained in your computers Print Spooler and shouldnt be available to the printers memory. If its a relatively cheap consumer printer with internal hard drive ... Read More »

My old printer won't connect to my new PC, which only has USB ports. Is there a way to do it?

Both solutions are valid, installing a parallel port card in an expansion slot or purchasing a usb-parallel adapter.Two important things you may want to consider though.... 1. Buy your cable or car... Read More »