Can you send pictures from your phone to iPod touch?

Answer of course

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How do you send ringtones from a iPod touch to your cell phone for free?

You can use Bluetooth (although very slow with idevices), you can also email them to yourself or you can file transfer them from your desktop computer.

How to Take Pictures on iPod Touch?

The fourth generation iPod Touch includes a camera for taking photos and video, as well as a functionality for taking screenshots. This article explains how to do each.

How you send messages on iPod touch?

Well, depends which message you refer to. I got an iPod touch te other day, and I discovered you can check your email. And to text, a good quality and free application is called text plus, which yo... Read More »

Should I send my iPod touch in to Apple or should I buy a new one?

I'd get a new one just for the fact it's an iPod 2g. -Jailbroken or not won't matter as it's not illegal anymore (depending what you do with it).-You didn't mention whether the screen works or not ... Read More »