Can you send other things from someone else phone by bluetooth to the iPhone?

Answer As iPhones are expensive, what you need to do first is be more careful. The next best thing to do is take the iPhone to an Apple store so a qualified Service Technician can find out why the screen ... Read More »

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How to Send Things From Your Laptop to a Phone Through Bluetooth?

Although most cell phone users think of Bluetooth features as a way to connect wireless headsets to a cellphone, the Bluetooth function can also be used to send things like photos, music, and conta... Read More »

How to Send Contacts From My Motorola Phone Via Bluetooth?

Many Motorola brand cell phones come equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate with other devices over a short range---typically 33 feet or less. You can quickly trans... Read More »

Can i send files to my phone from my laptop via Bluetooth?

first make sure that the bluetooth device is detected and installed properly in the device manager(control panel>system>hardware>device manager).2nd, assuming that your phone's bluetooth is on, rig... Read More »

Do people realize how dorky those bluetooth ear phone things look?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!I was at the grocery store the other night and this woman was talking to her self, then I realized that she was "on the phone" It's stupid, and it gives people a sense of being impor... Read More »