What is something interesting youve looked up on wikipedia?

Answer I look up a lot of interesting things in Wikipedia every day. I spent much of today reading about the various categories of Calcium Channel Blockers. Yesterday, I read about the evidence that the... Read More »

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I went to a yard sale, and found something interesting.?

They could be reproductions. Take them to an antiques dealer and have them checked out.

Is there a program that will send preschoolers interesting mail or letters on a regular basis?

Yes, there are programs that will do that! For a small fee, Mailjust4me will send your children personalized packages and postcards through snail-mail. There are other programs, as well, but this ... Read More »

How do you send something by BBC?

yes! there is a world service, a news channel that be seen abroad, even BBC America and otehr stations like that :)

How to Send Something to Facebook Via Text?

Most Facebook users access their accounts on Internet-connected computers, from which they post status updates, upload content and interact with other Facebook users. However, you can also access t... Read More »