Some plants that are weird?

Answer These are unusual to say the least. Please see related links below.

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Some weird beauty tips?

If you put chapstick or some kind of makeup with a greasy feel on your eyelids, it makes your eyeshadow go on smoother and last longer.If you have really big bags under your eyes, stick a metal spo... Read More »

What are some weird combination foods u eat?

My 6 year old daughter, Jolie, really wants to answer your question. We are Americans living in Seoul, Korea and she wants you to know that she likes to eat kim, (dried seaweed or laver), with ket... Read More »

Weird question for some smart people?

some pills have a life expectancy of six months to a year ,so they might be on the down side of usefulness

I have bee having some really weird symptoms?

Maybe you have allergies. Do you take medicine to control your heartburn? The reflux can cause sore throat and trachea soreness. Do not know about the hair, would not worry about that one.