What are some text messaging forwards?

Answer FWD: I take U, 2 be my Lawful Wedded Txt Buddy. 2 hav & Hold, n Rich Quote & funny jokes, Til Low Battery do us part. Send dis to all ur txt buddysFWD: Freshman Yuck! Seniors Suck! Sophmore go awa... Read More »

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Why does my son run repetitively backwards and forwards drifting off into his own little world he has now added on a dip and some jerky movements as well?

That can only be answered by a professional who sees your child do it, or runs tests for possible problems which you don't want to subject your child to test that may prove to be pointless. It is p... Read More »

Dvd decoder...can some one send me one for ten points.?

Can some one send you a used phone for free?

Sure. Just hand it to the person, or stick it in a box and mail it. Simple as that. If the service has been terminated, then getting to use it is another matter, seeing as you'll have to reactivate... Read More »

Do some doctors send everything to pathology?

Some do. I know you're worried but you have to wait and try to be patient. You don't know anything until you know something and that takes time. Want me to come over there and hold yer bewbs during... Read More »