Do you want to share a useless fact about music?

Answer Alice In Chains origanal name was "f*ck", and they played several shows under the name and word says they handed out condoms to the audience with the phrase "F*ck the band" on the wrappers.

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Why label "useless" nutrition fact?

Because people will search the whole thing and be like, "how much vitiam a is in this, it doesn't say?" So they list it as 0 to assure that it's 0.

Computer RAM, when does it become useless to buy more RAM?

RAM is just fast storage. WoW requires 2 - 4gb to store information on. If it does not find 4gb, it will use your HARD DRIVE as random access memory, which is SLOW. So basically WoW will receive th... Read More »

Your most useless computer ever?

Wow....That is a tough one to beat.My first computer was a Commodore 64.64K of RAM. Full qwerty keyboard, tape cassette drive, displayed out to a TV. Something like this ---> http://ergonomenon.f... Read More »

Useless baby items What are yours?

I agree that diaper genies are useless. I also think Pack N Play cribs are useless, unless you travel a LOT. We got a pack n play and NEVER used it once. Everyone said "Oh, you'll use it like a ... Read More »