Why label "useless" nutrition fact?

Answer Because people will search the whole thing and be like, "how much vitiam a is in this, it doesn't say?" So they list it as 0 to assure that it's 0.

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Do you want to share a useless fact about music?

Alice In Chains origanal name was "f*ck", and they played several shows under the name and word says they handed out condoms to the audience with the phrase "F*ck the band" on the wrappers.

How to Stop Feeling Useless?

The article all about giving yourself a sense of purpose.

Useless keys on keyboard?

as someone said , system request goes back to mainframes and dumb's handy if the pc is emulating a dumb terminal (such as vax etc ) still to have that key, so it's left on there.dan - ... Read More »

Are solar panels useless?

On One Hand: Solar Panels Are Already In UseSolar panels, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells, are a fairly well developed technology. In 2006, solar panels provided 337 megawatts to the United Sta... Read More »