Looking for a quote for a tattoo..Please help!!?

Answer What I have found is that you don't want other people finding the right things for you. It ruins it. I know its harder and you may not find the right quote or whatever, but if you find it yourself,... Read More »

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I want a quote in my myspace status!! help please!!!!!!!!!!!?

There is a fine line between a crush and loveLove is like playing the piano; first you must learn to play by the rules, then you forget the rules and play from your heartSometimes I wonder if Life ... Read More »

Does renewal of an auto insurance policy have to be done in person or can you send a check for the correct amount of the renewal quote ahead of time?

I need a cheap camcorder that is cool please send me a site of that camcorder please.?

Want something cool?Just go here! They have a lot of cool camcorder!Hope i help!

Please read, and send prayers for this family?

I am praying for this family to receive comfort and healing. I am also praying for you to get over your fear. I would not leave a baby alone with a strange dog either. Even if you know the dog and ... Read More »