How to Solve the Water Jug Riddle from Die Hard 3?

Answer We've all been there. You're following riddles all around New York, and one tells you to fill a jug with exactly 4 gallons of water to defuse a bomb using only a 3 gallon and a 5 gallon jug. Don't ... Read More »

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I have to send my computer to be fixed. How do I secure my hard drive?

Well- u should get an external drive and transfer ur files there. If u send it to a tech, they can see everything- and can unlock everything. They are techs, they do this for a living. Get an exter... Read More »

Can i send a faulty xbox 360S hard drive back to microsoft?

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How do you send audio files on your iPhone when mms is turned on but the message fails to send?

Updating iTunes overwrites all previous versions but music, apps and other data doesn't get changed.

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EU doesn't come into it. It depends on the national carrier, and their tarrifs for international mailSwiss -…French - in French, wh... Read More »