Can you send a fax through a computer?

Answer you sure can! just go to signup with a free trial and fax right from your computer!

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How do I send a fax through my computer?

Online FaxSign up for an online fax service, which is the simplest way to send a fax without adding any hardware. These services usually cost money, however. When you sign up for the account, choos... Read More »

Is there any way I can send a text message to someones cellphone through the computer?

Surfdog has the right idea "Sure, go to website of the carrier that your friend subscribes to." Here is a little more information for you. All cell phones have a e-mail equivalent, here in the USA ... Read More »

How Can I Send My Pictures From the Computer Through a Text Message to Someone Else?

Most mobile providers include a personal email address with your phone where you can send emails from your computer that show up as texts on your cellphone. Although not all carriers or subscriptio... Read More »

My friend send me mobile phone through usps and Your item was processed through our CHICAGO, IL 60666 facility?

You are too paranoid. They won't update it now until it is in your hometown. If it is going via surface - that could be up to 5 days, or 2 days by air.