Can you send a fax over the Internet?

Answer Faxes can be sent over the Internet. You do not need your own fax machine or fax number to do this. There are various websites that allow you to use their services for sending faxes through the Int... Read More »

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How to Send TV Over the Internet?

If you're a frequent traveler or want to catch your favorite show while on vacation, and in either case don't have access to a TV with cable, fortunately there are several options that allow you to... Read More »

How do I send a fax over Internet for free?

Faxing a FileGo to a free fax website. Complete the form to include the recipient's name and the fax number. Upload the document to be faxed in .doc, .docx or .pdf format or type in the box. This c... Read More »

How to Send an International SMS Through the Internet?

Although sending an SMS (Short Message Service) text message to a local phone usually only costs a few cents, sending one overseas can cost as much as $1.00. This can add up quickly if you are send... Read More »

How to Send Snail Mail Using the Internet?

The original snail mail!You find that you are always on the computer, seldom away from it, and find it difficult, or even distasteful, to actually sit down and write a letter...with pen and paper, ... Read More »