Can you sell your car when the bank owns the title?

Answer According to Edmunds, a car can still be sold even when the bank owns the title. It is recommended that the final sale take place at the financial institution that owns the title. Once the balance ... Read More »

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Can a person who owns three condos that have parking spaces assigned by the declaration sell one and in the title state that it only has one parking space and thereby maintain control of the other?

It sounds like you own three condominium units and three parking spaces, each of which is listed on the title of the condominium to which it is attached (by space number, usually). You can present ... Read More »

Who owns ING bank?

ING is a financial institution that started in the Netherlands and offers banking, insurance and asset management services. It is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and the Eu... Read More »

Can I sell a car without getting a new title?

It is perfectly legal to sell your car without a new/replacement title assuming you are the rightful owner at the time of the sale. However, the party that buys your car will have problems with reg... Read More »

Who owns Orchard Bank?

Orchard Bank is owned by HSBC (previously known as The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), a financial services corporation located in the United Kingdom. According to Forbes, it is the lar... Read More »