Can you sell your body for scientific research?

Answer On One Hand: Scientists Do Not Pay For BodiesAccording to the Virginia Department of Health, no U.S. state or medical school is authorized to buy bodies. A dead body used for scientific research mu... Read More »

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Can you sell your body to the military?

It shouldn't be difficult, because when you sign on the dotted line with the recruiter, you have sold your soul and for a few pence more, "What the Heck?"

Is scientific research flawed?

On One Hand: Vested Interests Influence "Findings"Global warming is a flash point regarding fraud-science. Physicist Freedman Dyson states that climate change computer simulations fail to account f... Read More »

The Use of Animals in Scientific Research?

Since animals, especially mammals, have an almost identical anatomy and physiology with humans, they are useful subjects for research in the field of medicine, health and other industries. Although... Read More »

How to Conduct Scientific Research?

Contribute to the scientific community by conducting a science research project. Although everyone has their own methods, this is one method you might find useful to try.