Can you sell a used mattress?

Answer On One Hand: Some Areas Don't Allow ItMany states have laws and regulations that may prohibit the sale of used mattresses because they can be considered a health hazard. In some states that have th... Read More »

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Can a mattress company sell a used mattress?

As long as a used mattress adheres to processing and labeling requirements, a used mattress may be resold in most parts of the country, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Labeling requireme... Read More »

Can a store sell a used mattress?

On One Hand: Yes, Most Stores CanIt is legal in most states for stores to sell mattresses that are secondhand or constructed from secondhand parts. However, many states have labeling laws requiring... Read More »

How can I donate a used mattress?

Getting a new mattress is exciting and can help you sleep much more comfortably and soundly, but once you have your new mattress, what should you do with your used mattress? There are a few options... Read More »

How Much Should I Pay for a Used Mattress?

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