Can you see what someone is doing on their computer with their root shell?

Answer your root shell...has nothing to do with watching wat your doing on your computer.that is something that your operating system is using to function, no need for you to really know the details, but ... Read More »

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What shell i do my camera is not coming on the computer!?

How to Write a Shell Script Using Bash Shell in Ubuntu?

Ever wanted to Automate operations in your OS? Ever wanted to write a program that could create a file, copy that file to a directory? And using the Famous BASH Shell in Ubuntu? If the answers to b... Read More »

How to Use DOS to Create Directories at the Root of a Computer?

Although Windows no longer runs on top of DOS, which stands for "Disk Operating System," the Windows command prompt is available in all versions of Windows to emulate the DOS environment. The MS-DO... Read More »

How do i write on computer root 2in symbols?

for example if you wish to write 5roo2 then write like this: 5^1/2or in word there is availability of symbol in insert menu, from there you can write as u write in your notebook.