Can you scan something and then send it through email?

Answer If you know which folder it is scanning to. Also, save as .jpeg format for faster uploading.

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How can I scan someting and then send it by email?

Read the manual. If you don't have the manual for your printer anymore, google the name/model of your printer with the word "manual" somewhere in there and try to find it online. You may also be ab... Read More »

How can I scan something then type into the form the information then print it?

Here is a simpler solution:Scan the document as a JPG file, high resolution. Open a WORD document. Depending on what version you have, you would need to INSERT the JPG file as a background image, o... Read More »

How do I scan a document then email it?

Scan the DocumentPlace the document in the scanning device. These operations may differ slightly, depending on your scanning device. Using either the associated scanning software on your computer o... Read More »

How do scan dacument nd then how do email?

Simply scan and save the PDF file. Then attach the PDF in the message body of the email. Sometime you can just copy and paste it.