Can you scan other objects not paper with a printer scanner?

Answer Yes, Jeff is right, but in the same vane, keep in mind that non-flat things will not scan well. They will scan, but anything not pressed directly against the glass will be very blurry.

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Both me and my wife work at H& R block the printer/scanner ran out of paper so she climb on top and press scan?

Send me a the copy for a second opinion....LMAO yes you should tell her, how embarassing to have that seen.

PLEASE HELP! My scanner won't scan, why It's out of ink (also a printer) but it should scan?

Have you tried re installing the driver for your scanner? then reboot and reinstall your driveran up to date driver from manufacturer site is the best thing to start with

How to scan on hp scanner/printer?

If it came with a disk then the drivers are probably there. Otherwise here is a link. Just follow the prints to download and you should be okay.…

Can't get scanner/printer to scan; any help?

Do you get an error message when attempting to scan?As for the laptop, if the printer works then the laptop is not too old.