Can you save your own vegetable seeds?

Answer Not only can you save your own vegetable seeds to grow the next year's crop, but sometimes you can even end up with an unexpected plant that surpasses your expectations. Of course, you can also end... Read More »

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How to Collect and Save Vegetable Seeds?

Certain vegetables, such as beans, peas, peppers and tomatoes, make saving vegetable seeds simple: These have self-pollinating flowers, meaning they pollinate automatically before the flowers open.... Read More »

How do I save open pollinated vegetable seeds?

SelectionCollect seeds from the most desirable fruits on the handsomest plants in your garden. Allow the fruit to reach full maturity. Tomato, pepper, bean and pea plants make the best candidates. ... Read More »

How do I germinate vegetable seeds?

ContainersStart the seeds in containers such as trays, egg cartons, pots or flats. If using older trays, disinfect them in a solution comprised of 90-percent water and 10-percent bleach before use.... Read More »

Do I sow vegetable seeds in the day or night?

Most seeds must be in dark. If you put them in soil to a depth of 1/4" they are in dark no matter what time of day it is. I plant 2 or 3 seeds per cell and all plants different. For example my c... Read More »