Can you save your Xbox 360 hard drive on your computer hard drive?

Answer You can save your XBox 360 hard drive onto your computer hard drive. It requires completely removing your XBox 360 hard drive from the system. This is not recommended by Microsoft, and will invalid... Read More »

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How to Save Xbox Games to a Hard Drive?

If a gamer is planning on spending countless hours on just a few of their favorite Xbox 360 games, then saving them to an Xbox 360 hard drive may be a beneficial option to consider. The gains of sa... Read More »

Can you use a computer hard drive for Xbox 360?

You cannot use a computer hard drive as a storage device for your Xbox 360. Microsoft makes a portable Xbox 360 hard drive. As of June 2010, you can purchase a 250GB Microsoft Xbox hard drive for a... Read More »

How to Use a Computer Hard Drive for XBox?

Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured by Microsoft and are capable of using USB hard drives to save player data and store game information. You can attach a hard drive via a USB connection to the cons... Read More »

How to Connect an Xbox Hard Drive to a Computer?

The hard drive that comes inside of an Xbox video game console is constructed in the same fashion and is the same size as those found inside of a desktop or tower computer. You can connect an Xbox ... Read More »