Can you save a tree that has been exposed to Weed and Feed?

Answer "Weed and Feed," according to the gardening advice site Enjoy Gardening, is part fertilizer, but it is also part herbicide, since it is designed to kill weeds. Unfortunately, this herbicide also af... Read More »

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How are parents notified that a child has been exposed to a communicable disease?

What can i feed a dog that has been sick&vomiting?

Vomiting is a common problem for dogs. If your dog has been vomiting, it's a good idea to refrain from feeding him for 24 hours. After this initial fasting period, you can give your dog certain foo... Read More »

There are 6 people that I have to feed everyday Is growing my own veggies and fruit the best way to save $$?

Growing your own veg is NOT cheaper in the short run, but it is healthier and good fun, and over the years you will get better and have better crops, you'll learn where to get the best and cheapest... Read More »

My Anaheim Chili plants roots got exposed to air and sun light. Can I save them?

The strong ones will survive. Just keep them watered and see how they do.