Can you run on a manual treadmill?

Answer Although it is possible to run on a manual treadmill, it would be difficult. Manual treadmills are often smaller than motorized models, meaning there would be less of a belt, making the long stride... Read More »

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Cons of a Manual Treadmill?

Manual or non-motorized treadmills are operated by the user pushing a belt with his feet. This action creates traction which in turn moves the belt. There is still debate as to whether these treadm... Read More »

Can dogs use a manual treadmill?

Dogs can use manual as well as motorized treadmills. They're preferable in many respects as they cost less and can give the dog a better workout under the dog's own power. There's less chance of in... Read More »

How to Switch From Manual to Nose Manual?

Ever see someone pull out a manual then switch it around into a nose manual? Now so can you with these instructions and a few days practice.

Does anyone have a Canon EOS 300 manual in digital format for me to download I can only seem to find the Canon EOS 300D manual which is not what I need?