Can you run games made for Windows using Linux if you use an emulator?

Answer Support for gaming is patchy on Linux but things are steadily improving. Here are some sites you may find useful… Read More »

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How to Play Windows Games in Linux?

Let's be honest: Most windows games will not currently run on Linux, but there are methods available to play some games. If you want to play Simcity or Bejeweled there is hope. If, however, you are... Read More »

How to Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu Linux Using Wubi?

Ubuntu is an operating system which has all the applications you will need to start your day. You can use it as the only operating system on your computer, but there is an easier way to install it ... Read More »

How to Reset Windows 2000 Password Using Linux BootCD?

Windows 2000 passwords are stored in what is called an SAM file, an encrypted hash file in the config directory of a Windows installation. Though this file is relatively secure while the Windows se... Read More »

How to Run Windows 3.1 Games on Windows 2000/XP/Vista using DOSBOX?

Many fun and classic computer games were made in the early 1990's for Windows 3.1, and many people have kept their old 286/386 computers to keep playing them. Unfortunately, computers don't last fo... Read More »