Can you run games made for Windows using Linux if you use an emulator?

Answer Support for gaming is patchy on Linux but things are steadily improving. Here are some sites you may find useful… Read More »

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How to Play Windows Games in Linux?

Let's be honest: Most windows games will not currently run on Linux, but there are methods available to play some games. If you want to play Simcity or Bejeweled there is hope. If, however, you are... Read More »

How to Open PS2 Games on Emulator?

A PlayStation 2 emulator is a program that enables a computer owner to play PS2 game disks or game files on his computer. As of April 2010, PCSX2 is the only PS2 emulator capable of playing commerc... Read More »

How to Use Save Games on a PSX Emulator?

A video game emulator replicates the technology used in video game consoles onto a personal computer. There are several emulators based on the popular PlayStation console. These emulators allow ind... Read More »

How to Play Emulator Games on My PSP?

Emulators are typically placed onto a computer, allowing you to play classic consoles like the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64. Usually it takes a higher powered computer to run these,... Read More »