Can you run android on your Verizon treo 700p?

Answer you have to call your phone service to unblock it.

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Can Windows Mobile be put on a Treo 700p?

Although the Treo 700w and 700p have the same design and same processor, they are incompatible. It would be impossible to install Windows Mobile on a Treo 700p for a number of reasons, including t... Read More »

Is Palm Treo 700p Brew enabled?

The Palm Treo 700p is not Brew enabled. Brew is a mobile application development program and operating system created by Qualcomm. The Palm Treo 700p's key features include PocketTunes music softwa... Read More »

How do I tell if a Palm Treo 700p battery is dead?

Look for the battery icon in the top right corner of your Palm Treo screen. When the battery is almost dead, you will see a battery image with a red line at the bottom of the battery. If you do not... Read More »

How do I configure Exchange Activesync on a Palm Treo 700p?

Configure Exchange Activesync on Palm Treo 700pInsert the Palm software installation CD that comes with your Palm Treo 700p device into your computer's CD drive. Select "Install bonus software" and... Read More »