Can you run a marathon while having asthma?

Answer On One Hand: Marathons Are Very StrenuousOf all the sporting activities an asthmatic might choose to participate in, perhaps none is as difficult as running a marathon. In general, long runs are co... Read More »

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How to Run a Marathon?

Inspired to try a marathon for yourself? If you're already a keen exercise devotee, fit and willing to undergo rigorous and methodical training, a marathon is an achievement you can work toward. Ma... Read More »

How to Eat for a Marathon?

To be able to maintain your pace and not crash, while running a marathon eating correctly before and during the marathon is very important.

How to Bike a Marathon?

Biking a MarathonYou have entered a biking marathon, but you haven't had much experience. You now realized that it will be 20 gruesome miles over vigorous terrain, high mountains, and strong headwi... Read More »

How to Organize a Marathon?

A successfully planned and executed marathon can raise public awareness, and money, for a worthy cause. The specific logistics of planning a marathon vary depending on the type of event. However, m... Read More »