Can you run a marathon while having asthma?

Answer On One Hand: Marathons Are Very StrenuousOf all the sporting activities an asthmatic might choose to participate in, perhaps none is as difficult as running a marathon. In general, long runs are co... Read More »

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Has anyone ever had a mishap while having falling, catching a cramp while having sex?

My bf got a hernia in his groin. It looked like an apple under his skin and the doctor had to operated him.

How to Drink Beer While Running a Marathon?

There are other drinkers out there!Marathons are challenging and for some people require months of training. Part of this training is eating healthy and removing alcohol from their diet. For some o... Read More »

Am i having an asthma attack?

Hang in there and make sure you tell your mother how you're doing, stay close. If it gets worse it could be something else. Make sure you take your health , temporary condition seriously and resp... Read More »

How do you tell teachers your having an asthma flare-up?