Can you run a 24 volt motor on 12 volts?

Answer A 24-volt DC motor will run with 12 volts of power applied across the motor leads; however, the motor will run at a slower rotational speed than if 24 volts were applied across the leads.Source:"Br... Read More »

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Will a 24 volt trolling motor run on 12 volts?

Electricity's work is measured in watts. If a 24-volt trolling motor is rated at 2 amps and needs 4 watts (watts equals amps times volts) of power, a 2-amp 24-volt battery provides 48 watts. A 2-am... Read More »

Will a 12 volt trolling motor work on 24 volts?

Trolling motors with 12 volts are wound with both the stator and armature rated for the specified voltage. Although dual-voltage trolling motors are available, a motor rated at 12 volts will overhe... Read More »

How to Charge Two Twelve Volt Batteries That Feed 24 Volts to a Motor?

Twenty-four-volt motors are common in golf carts, boats, RVs, and powered handicap scooters because of their greater efficiency in continuous-duty applications. Twelve-volt batteries are far more c... Read More »

How many volts does a 7.2 volt charger put out?

Without knowing the maximum output current it was designed to produce it isn't possible to say exactly how much voltage a charger produces. Also, was it intended to give a slow or a fast charge? In... Read More »