Can you run Windows XP Outlook on a Macbook?

Answer To run Windows XP Outlook on a Macbook, you must install Windows XP either as an operating system that boots the Mac or as an operating system that is run inside the Mac OS X Leopard or later opera... Read More »

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Can you transfer Windows Outlook mail to a Macbook?

Email stored in Microsoft Outlook for Windows can be imported into an Apple Macintosh computer such as the Macbook. Export features in Outlook allow the mail files to be transferred to an email cl... Read More »

How to Put Windows 7 on a MacBook?

MacBook laptops were first released in 2006. All MacBooks feature Intel processors and have the ability to run versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Apple includes a utility with Mac ... Read More »

How can i use Windows 7 on a macbook?

It's very apparent you know nothing about computers or you wouldn't have fallen for the Mac hype and grossly misleading Apple advertisements. Why not just sell that over priced and incompatible mac... Read More »

How to Run Windows on a MacBook?

MacBook computers, first released in 2006, use different Intel x86-based processors. All MacBook computers are capable of running Microsoft Windows, which requires an Intel x86-based CPU. MacBooks ... Read More »