Can you run Windows 98 games on XP?

Answer Windows XP is able to run many games (and other pieces of software) designed for earlier versions of Windows, but you may run into various kinds of trouble, particularly with much older games. One ... Read More »

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How to Run Windows 3.1 Games on Windows 2000/XP/Vista using DOSBOX?

Many fun and classic computer games were made in the early 1990's for Windows 3.1, and many people have kept their old 286/386 computers to keep playing them. Unfortunately, computers don't last fo... Read More »

How to Play Windows 95 Games on a Windows XP?

Hey, do you have a old Windows 95 game? that works with Windows 95 only that your old computer, Windows 95 has been returned but not your game(s). Wanna play a old game to get the boredom out of yo... Read More »

DOS Games in Windows XP?

Windows XP was the first consumer-centric Microsoft operating system to completely abandon MS-DOS (known by most as simply "DOS"). Aside from Windows NT and Windows 2000, prior versions of Windows ... Read More »

How to Run Old or DOS Games in Windows XP?

So you've dusted off the floppy disks and installed that old game on your computer to take a short dip in nostalgia. But the game doesn't run! What now? The notorious XP-DOS incompatibality error