Can you run Rosetta Stone on more than one computer?

Answer Rosetta Stone language education software can be installed on multiple computers in a single household for personal use only. Loading the software on multiple computers not in your household is a v... Read More »

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How do I transfer Rosetta Stone to another computer?

Save Your DataTo transfer Rosetta Stone software to another computer, first make a copy of the tracking .db3 file that stores all of your user data, progress and scores. Place the copy on your desk... Read More »

What Is the Rosetta Stone Computer Program?

Learning a foreign language can be a challenge. With many different elements to consider, including reading, writing, speaking and listening, many students opt for structured programs to assist in ... Read More »

How do i move rosetta stone from one computer to another?

Deactivate the ProgramOpen Rosetta Stone. Click the preference button, which is the middle icon at the top right side of the screen. Select "Add or Remove Languages" from the pull-down menu. Choose... Read More »

Can you use Rosetta Stone on an ASUS computer?

Rosetta Stone software works on computers that run on Windows or Mac. ASUS computers come preloaded with Microsoft Windows, and ASUS recommends using Windows on its computers. If an ASUS computer r... Read More »