Can you rollover an ironworker annuity into an IRA?

Answer Ironworkers do have the option of rolling their annuity funds over into an IRA. If a spouse is married, the consent of both the annuity owner and his spouse is often necessary. By rolling the money... Read More »

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How do i rollover an annuity?

Confirm Qualified StatusQualified assets are retirement savings assets contributed to either an employer-sponsored plan or another IRA. While an annuity may be an employer plan or even an IRA, not ... Read More »

Can you rollover a 401(k) into an immediate income annuity?

Yes. You can roll over a 401k or other qualified retirement plan into an immediate income annuity. The immediate income annuity should be titled as an IRA to ensure there is no taxable distribution... Read More »

Can I Rollover a Variable Annuity?

A variable annuity is an insurance product that provides a guaranteed income to you for your life or for a specific period of time. Some annuities defer this income until you want to receive it. Th... Read More »

Ironworker Requirements?

Ironworkers are responsible for installing iron and steel columns, girders and other construction items to build buildings, bridges and other structures. They put up steel frames and construct the ... Read More »