Can you ride four wheelers on the side of the road?

Answer i do all the time!

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Is it legal in the state of ohio to ride 4 wheelers on the road?

Ohio law allows riders to operate four-wheelers and other all-terrain vehicles along the side of a road for limited distances only---in order to reach a designated all-terrain vehicle pathway. Ride... Read More »

Can you ride 4-wheelers on the roads in Pennsylvania?

Four-wheelers can be driven on the roads of Pennsylvania only when a government agency has declared a state of emergency or when it is necessary to cross a road, bridge or culvert. It is also legal... Read More »

How to Change a Law on Riding Four Wheelers?

Rules, laws and regulations are developed to protect natural environments and the general public from accidents and harm created by the use of four-wheelers. According to the United States Departm... Read More »

How much do four wheelers cost?

depends on size and brand, varies from around $4,000-14,000