Can you reuse used marinade from meat?

Answer On One Hand: Marinades Are Full of FlavorMarinades are full of flavor, which they infuse into meat in addition to tenderizing it. You can use marinade to baste meat while it is cooking, and it can ... Read More »

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What is the best soda to marinade meat with?

Dr Pepper - it has so many layers of flavor

Can lemon juice or vinegar be used as a marinade?

Lemon juice and vinegar are common ingredients for marinades, which typically include an oil like olive oil or vegetable oil; an acid like citrus juice, vinegar or wine; and flavoring like herbs, s... Read More »

How to Sell Used Computer Parts for Reuse?

One of the great advantages of a desktop PC is that you can exchange and customize computer parts. This also means that when you upgrade, you can sell your old computer parts. Computer parts don'... Read More »

Is it safe to reuse oil that has been used to fry chicken?

It is safe to reuse the oil used for frying chicken as long as it has not significantly darkened in color or turned rancid. Strain used cooking oil through cheesecloth to remove the flavors of prev... Read More »