Can you represent yourself in court in a custody case?

Answer some have done it, but it's not recommended. see links belowADDED: The questioner does not make clear if they are the parent, or the minor, that is asking the question. If you are the parent - see... Read More »

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How to Represent Yourself at Court (UK)?

Many thousands of people in the UK don't qualify for legal aid and can't afford to pay privately. They are left with no choice but to represent themselves. Below is a guide to representing yourself... Read More »

How to Represent Yourself in Court (U.S.)?

In most cases, you are free to represent yourself in Court if you choose, and in some states, you are required to do so in small claims court. This is called ‘pro se’ or ‘pro per,’ which ar... Read More »

If a father is seeking joint custody and the mother has been served court papers what rights does the father have until the case goes to court?

It depends if you've made an effort to support your child. If you ran away from your responsibilities and didn't pay that child support then those are marks against you in the court system. If the ... Read More »

How would you serve someone court papers who lives out of state in a child custody case?

I have to do the same thing.. what you need to do is look up on the internet and find out what county they live in... then look up the phone number for the county sheriff... they will be more than ... Read More »