Can you report someone for spamming a bunch of videos on youtube?

Answer This shows you how.…

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How can i report this YouTube user for uploading other people's videos?

Catch him in the act of spamming. Or report his image as plagiarizing other's images. Tell youtube. Report everything that has anything to do with plagiarizing, it's not being a troll, it's doing t... Read More »

Why would Someone Hate all videos on YouTube?

Because he's is lying, he has no life and wants to sound superior. Just tell him when you see him say you have no credibility. He'll get mad and have to show you one of his films. Cheers!

Can someone recommend some funny youtube videos?

The funniest videos on youtube are the ones made my ryan higa....on the youtube search bar type in NIGAHIGAit will show all of his videos...dont forget all of his rants too....the funniest ones are... Read More »

Can someone stalk you from your youtube videos?

... no i think if they acutally did that they would be to old by the time they found you