Can you report someone for spamming a bunch of videos on youtube?

Answer This shows you how.…

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How can i report this YouTube user for uploading other people's videos?

Catch him in the act of spamming. Or report his image as plagiarizing other's images. Tell youtube. Report everything that has anything to do with plagiarizing, it's not being a troll, it's doing t... Read More »

What can I use that actually works to download youtube videos AND to convert youtube videos to MP3s?

It's completely free and you can convert these videos into mp3 also.

I got a camera but it broke. I had already taken a bunch of videos and some of them show where we live if?

If you took your memory card out and it was saved only to your memory card (most likely yes) then you're fine. As long as the memory card is out, no one will be able to see your videos.

If youtube has banned copyrighted videos how come people are still reporting that they can view music videos?

Certain videos HAVE been banned - but not all - & if they HAVE been banned, you can search through & look for one that HASN'T been banned - cos they are out there.