Can you replant mugo pine shrub now?

Answer Yes, mugo pine shrub [Pinus mugo] can be replanted if now is in the fall. That season generally is the best time for replanting. It allows the plant to get used to the new location before the cold ... Read More »

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Interesting Facts About Mugo Pine Trees?

The mugo pine (sometimes spelled mugho) grows from four to 20 feet tall in various soils and prefers sun or partial shade. It has a small round or pyramidal shape and two-needle foliage. It holds o... Read More »

How do I replant pine trees?

Dig a hole twice the width of the roots of your pine, and deep enough to accommodate any taproot. Fill the hole with water from a hose, and wait until the soil absorbs the water. Lower the pine tre... Read More »

Maggots in Mugo Pines?

The Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, belongs to the family Pinaceae. Native to alpine Europe, this pine is also known as mugho pine and Swiss mountain pine. As the only pine that is a shrub, the mugo pine fe... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Dwarf Mugo Pines?

Mugo pines (Pinus mugo) appear as standard 20-foot-tall trees and as much smaller ones. To qualify as a dwarf mugo pine, the tree cannot grow longer or wider than 5 feet in a 10-year period. Dwarf ... Read More »