Can you replace your ipod screen 4g?

Answer can be replaced but its very expensive, so you get an idea is better to get a new ipod that to replace the screen

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How to Replace an iPod Screen?

Apple iPods are one of the most popular personal media players available on the market today. But just like any other kind of electronic, they can break, wear out or become damaged. Some iPods are ... Read More »

How to Replace the Screen on an iPod Nano?

Replacing the screen on the iPod is really a straight forward job, once you have all things needed to make the repair that is.

How do I replace a iPod nano 5th generation screen.?

I think you mean 4th-generation, typo? The 5th-generation isn't out (yet)I wouldn't replace the screen yourself though, I'd talk to a device repair company or something.

How much would it cost to replace my iPod touch screen at best buy?

alot you can buy a screen replacement at ebay for like 15 bucks and this video on youtube will show you how to replace it…